P.T. Rail Angled (adjustable angle for steps/stairs)

The P.T. Rail Angled can be installed directly on the wall and used as a solid rail designed for 2-3 steps at a time.  The ability to adjust and set the angle of the rail gives flexibility for use in garages, covered walkways, and sunken living rooms.  With the swing-away design, the rail can easily be raised and lowered when you need it, and away when you don’t.  The wide mounting bracket provides extra stability and eliminates undesired wobble during use.  Powder-coated white with a special anti-microbial finish combats bacteria on painted surfaces.  In situations where mounting to the wall is not possible check out the PT Rail Floor Mast for use in stand-alone configurations.

  • Powder coat (white)
  • 5”/ 38mm
  • Rail length 32”
  • Supports 400 lbs. when properly installed
  • Adjustable from 0 and 35 degrees