Grab Bars for Safety in Bathrooms & All Through Your Home

At Grab Bars, Etc., we install only the highest quality ADA-compliant grab bars. All of our grab bars are made from premium stainless steel for excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. Decorative flanges conceal mounting screws and protect skin from potential scrapes.

Inferior grab bars are made from lower-quality metals that scratch and chip easily, making them susceptible to corrosion in moist environments like bathrooms.
The grab bars we install will continue to look great and outshine the competition even after years of use. And they’re available in a variety of attractive styles, colors, and finishes.

Both Standard and Specialty Bars can be utilized to enhance Safety and encourage Independence in a variety of locations throughout your home; for example: to assist with transfers from sit-to-stand or stand-to-sit, when stepping over thresholds, for going up or down steps, and for general stability through challenging spaces. Some ideal locations may be in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, entryways (garage or patio), stairways, or anywhere you need them.

Terry was awesome! He showed up on time, and the work area was very clean. He took the time to visit with us. My parents recommended this company to us and I will be sure to let anyone know that this is the only company I would deal with! Thank you, Terry, the grab bars give me peace of mind when my husband is in the shower!


Call now to make your home safer.

The time to keep you and your loved ones safe is now, before a fall occurs. Having home safety products installed by Grab Bars, Etc. is a quick and easy process while injuries from a fall can be the start of a long and difficult journey.